Soccer Betting: Basic Over Under Strategy

One of the most popular football bets is the Over / Under type . We mean the most classic form in betting predictions , namely the Over / Under 2.5.

We would like to specify it as the Over / Under 0.5 – Over / Under 3.5 – Over / Under 4.5 and so on are also available in the schedules of the main bookmakers.

A type of football betting that has expanded a lot over time and can concern not only the number of goals scored in the match, but also during the first and second half, or with reference to the home or visiting team. In recent years, the over / under betting has therefore evolved considerably.

Having made this necessary premise, in order to bet with full knowledge of the facts on over / under sports bets , it is necessary to follow a series of precautions.

Over / under football betting predictions

Once you have checked the football odds and possibly also taken advantage of a betting bonus , you are ready to start your analysis.

A mistake that is often made is to look at the current form of the two teams, referring to about the last month. Surely recent results are a parameter to take into consideration when you are elaborating your prediction but in reality they are not that important.

We therefore have 3 games at least over 2.5 and one Under 2.5 (the one with Napoli in fact). If you give too much consideration to the last 4-5 games, you can believe that it was a coincidence with Napoli and therefore you will point to Over 2.5 again in the next Inter match.

Football bets over under final considerations

To understand a team’s scoring potential, you need to have a longer eye and look beyond, taking more games as a reference. The current form has its own importance but limiting yourself only to the number of goals scored in the most recent matches is not the main parameter but only one of the many to make correct betting predictions on Over / Under.

You must learn to find out what the potential of your bet is .

Another factor to consider: some teams tend to score more goals at home than away. Three days before the end of the season, Inter’s home goals have been 38 in 17 games, only 2 fewer than Napoli, 40 goals in 18 games (with one more match). Away from home, the Nerazzurri have scored 25 goals in 18 games, unlike Napoli who have scored 41 times in 17 games.

Napoli scores much more away than Inter while the home goals between the two teams are the same.

Regardless of the actual data and whether the last match between Inter and Napoli had to end over or not, what we want you to understand, when you bet on over / under, is to analyze a more or less long period of the team and also evaluate if you prefer. score more at home or away. In the future we will analyze further factors to try to arrive at the best over / under betting predictions .

Soccer Betting: Basic Over Under Strategy

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